WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Ages below 21 is strictly prohibited to Access or Purchase.

We at Aerogin

Aerogin understands the fast-paced vaping industry. As more smokers switch to vaping, we pledge to provide socially responsible products that are both satisfying and valuable to all of our customers. With over a decade of professional experience in the vaping industry, the flavors we've created are well-known and well-liked by many. As a result, our flavor connoisseurs are committed to providing you with the best as we develop new flavors that you will enjoy. Along with our innovative solutions, is our constant desire for our customers to continue enjoying our best flavors developed by vapers, for vapers.

Designed to fit your evolving needs and preferences. We are dedicated to giving healthier and more innovative solutions to improve the lives of adult smokers worldwide.
Our Product
  • Fastest growing premium vape company in the Philippines.
  • International recognition Retail stores and distributors in the Philippines, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the United States.
  • A wide range of fine flavor vape products is concocted by professionals.
  • Greater social impact with Vape Save Lives advocacy approach.
  • Innovative collaborations with leading companies.
Mesh Coil
Our Aerogin disposable pods utilizes mesh coils that provide a cooler vaping experience since they generate more flavorful and larger vapor clouds that standard coils.
Aerogin vape products have 5500 and 8000 puffs that will last about 5-6 days. This is definitely towards the higher end of puff count for disposable devices as compared to present devices in the market. You’ll definately love the smoothest and flavorful vaping experience.
Our savory to fruity flavors are brewed in-house and handcrafted by our flavor connoisseurs that will surely tickle your fancy. Our e-Liquids/e-Juice typically contains Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavorings, and Optional Nicotine. Proudly made in the Philippines.
Get a nicotine rush with 5% nicotine strenght content. Expect a powerful and satisfying throat hit in every puff.
USB Type-C
Stress no more! The Aerogin 5500 features a USB Type-C charging port.
We want to make it as simple as possible for smokers to switch to a better alternative, so the Aerogin 5500 comes ready to use right out of the box, with no frills or hassle.
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